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Hand writing practice is important

Handwriting is still a very important skill for your child to master. Junior classrooms used to spend lots of time on handwriting skills, but not now. Handwriting is still being taught, just not as often and not as systematically as in the old days, and there are many reasons for the present lack of formal… Continue reading Hand writing practice is important

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Read regularly to your child

Read regularly to your children Reading to your child is VERY important. Many of us think that because our child reads already, they do not need us to read with them anymore. Even when your child can read for themselves, reading to them and with them is important for 4 reasons. You can both regularly enjoy precious,… Continue reading Read regularly to your child

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Keep revising basic skills with your child

Revise, revise, revise! Over-learning, rote learning, practise, and revision are all words that have gone a little out of fashion the last years - to our children's detriment. The longer I work with children, the more I become firmly convinced that regular revision and practise of basic skills enables children to easily master and use… Continue reading Keep revising basic skills with your child

reading and writing skills

Before children can read and spell they must learn to listen

Most of us live in a noisy and busy world where we rush from one appointment to another. Many of our children are living noisy and busy lives as well. They are surrounded by noise and busyness from the TV, play-station, radio, traffic, school or play groups, and from us. Our children do not always… Continue reading Before children can read and spell they must learn to listen


So how do I start teaching my child?

Sometimes the roles of coach and student don't come naturally to a parent and child. However, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to create a fun and effective coaching relationship with your child so they enjoy learning with you, and learn faster. You may be a parent who is home-schooling children or… Continue reading So how do I start teaching my child?