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Learn to read faster – with phonics and healthy competition.

Help your child learn to read faster using exciting and competitive phonics  games.

Research shows that teaching children patterns and how things work helps them learn and remember much, much faster. That makes logical sense huh?

Children learn to read faster and more easily when they can use phonics patterns Phonics is letters and their associated sounds .

Learning research has also shown that alert and focused students learn faster and remember more. they become extremely alert and focused when they play games they can win if they concentrate.

Here is how you use research ideas so your child learns to read faster:

  • Teach phonics first. Teach phonics patterns, the connections between letters and their sounds, away from books at first. Your child will confidently read unknown words when they know the common letter-sound combinations.
  • Play quick, exciting, competitive games they desperately want to win. They concentrate completely for short bursts of time and so learn and remember much faster and more easily.

Invest in an  exciting reading game for your child.

The Weird Word Game is a phonics-based highly competitive game that systematically teaches the most common letter-sound combinations. The game makes ‘weird’ or synthetic words, so your child only has to concentrate on reading the sounds the letters make rather than making a guess at what the word might be. Since 2005, synthetic phonics has become the accepted method of teaching reading (by phonics instruction) in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Tips for The Weird Word Game.

Play hard but fair. Play The Weird Word Game like a card game you want to win but give your child enough knowledge so that they can win if they concentrate.

Keep them alert by ‘tricking’ them when it is your turn to give an answer. They can’t relax even when it is your turn. Teach your child to check you gave the right answer.

Keep them alert by being involved in the game. Enjoy winning and be disappo9nted when you lose. I show strong responses. I celebrate my wins and I’ve been known to gloat.My students work harder to win when they know I’m working hard to win. Of course you respond according to what your opponent (child) can handle emotionally, but certainly don’t be overly kind when playing it…imagine you are playing Snap or any other card game and have fun!

When your child realises they can win if they pay close attention, they work harder to learn! Children have learnt to read while trying their very best to beat me. Favourite moments for me have been when a child comes into my centre and says fiercely,” I’ll beat you this time Anne,” and I respond with a glint in my eye, “We’ll see about that.”

Learn more about The Weird Word words from this YouTube video. Check out more tips to help your child learn to read on my website.



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