Some feedback for the Families as Coaches Programme:

  • There is a 150% improvement on how I felt prior to the course. I’ve learnt to keep it light.
  • I’m better organised and have a much better understanding of the role of coach. I’ve learnt how to work things more simply but also how to keep challenging him so that he progresses.
  • I have learnt many wonderful tips to facilitate learning but best of all we can now have fun together.
  • Anne gives clear, concise and simple instructions. The manual works great and is easy to follow.
  • I came onto the programme reluctantly and with many pre-conceived notions and I leave as a converted thinker! Anne has set us a new course and we are now sailing it with ease!
  • “Mum, it’s all in the learning, it’s all in the practising and it’s all in the listening.”(Monique, age 6 after practising her math skills).

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