Some feedback for the Weird Word Game

  1. The game has got a cool picture on the box. I like competing with my mum. She’s good at winning.” (John, 10 years old)
  2. The Weird Word Game is funny and cool to play because you can show off to your mum and beat her.” (Jade, 9 years old)
  3. The game has re-taught me the basic rules of English, which I’ve found really helpful when helping my child with reading and spelling. The game is fun, especially making up crazy words.” (Jade’s mum)
  4. The game is fun and it has helped me to read words. You make wacky words and they make me laugh sometimes. The box looks cool with the creatures.” (Billy, 12 years old)
  5. William and I have started playing “The Weird Word game’ together – William just loves it.  He finds it both funny and challenging.  I like it too.   John often joins us too, as our referee (he enjoys this too). John thinks it is a brilliant game, he is most impressed.

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