Student Tuition Centre

Give your child the reading, writing and math skills to succeed

Sometimes you need to have an expert coach to work with you and your child to make a difference.

Coaching is given face-to-face in Napier at my learning centre or via Skype and/or conference call if you are living out of Hawke’s Bay. I work mostly with one student at a time to:

  1. Develop a mutually respectful coaching relationship so your child can learn much faster.
  2. Build on existing reading, writing, maths, and study skills.
  3. When useful, coach you how to support your child at home to practise the skills they are learning.

The subjects taught include:

  1. Study skills- strategies to learn smarter and faster and pass exams well (for primary, secondary and university students).
  2. English (reading, writing, spelling, and essay writing skills)
  3. Mathematics up to year 11.

The Student Tuition Centre is situated at:

40 Morris Street in Napier, Hawke’s Bay

Phone: (06)8340214


Good coaching can enable your child to achieve beyond their expectations. The skill I coach more than any other is effort and the attitude I cultivate in students is self-belief. If we believe that  with some effort we can succeed in learning, we are usually right.


A proud author
A proud author

Learning place value tens and ones


Figuring decimals
Preparing for exams













holiday sessions
 Ring (06) 8340214 or 0263188636 to make an appointment
 week two of the holidays  16-20 July  Time as agreed upon.


Term Begins Ends
1 Monday 29 January Friday 13 April
2 Monday 30 April Friday 6 July
3 Monday 23 July Friday 28 September
4 Monday 15 October Thursday 20 December
(Primary) 18 December (secondary)

A recent text from a senior student now studying in Auckland.

Hi Anne,

Just wanted you to know that I have finished a foundation summer class chemistry paper. I have been using all your techniques and they have been really helpful! I have also been keeping up with my reading as I have found an amazing bookshop here in Ponsonby!

Feedback from a mother with a 13 year old girl and 11 year old boy

My two children needed to improve their writing, spelling, and Maths skills, and my boy needed to learn to hand write correctly. I came to The Student Tuition Centre because it has a more personal approach.

My children improved in their Maths and writing and their school work generally. they also became more confident, especially my boy. He began to talk like he was capable of doing the work. Writing is an area I’m weak in so I didn’t know how to help him. As his handwriting improved he began to write descriptively and freely, and with pleasure. I was very pleased with both their progress. 

Two things impressed me most about Anne. One was the individual programmes created for  my children around both their strengths and weaknesses. The second was Anne’s amazing ability to negotiate with them to get them practising regularly.

See  other feedback about Anne here.




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